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Review: FROGZ! by Imago Theatre

FROGZ! is everything you could want from children’s theatre. The Imago Theatre brought on a spectacle of costumes, dance and comedy in their Weis Center performance on Thursday, February 5th. The ingenious masks, mesmerizing movement, outlandish costumes, and original music score created a fantastic carnival of the absurd. Kids of all ages (and their parents!) enjoyed free pre-show activities for Frogz!, provided by the Public Library for Union County.

Featuring a selection of unique acts; including Orbs, Strings, Lizards and more, FROGZ! engaged with the audience both on stage and in the crowd. For multiple acts the performers came out into the seats, much to the young audience’s delight. It’s rare to see a show so invested in creating a unique and entertaining experience for kids. With around a 2 hour run time, including intermission, children were enraptured the whole time. Not a second passed without hearing laughter and screams of delight as slinkys bounced across the stage and mimes stacked boxes in a death-defying act (it’s a lot harder that you’d think!)

Simple but beautiful, FROGZ! inspired wonder and magic unlike any show I’ve seen in quite a long time.

~Grayson Kennedy, Class of 2019






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