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Performance Review: Philadanco

The Philadelphia Dance Company, better known as PHILADANCO!, stunned the audience on Tuesday night with their captivating ability to tell stories through movement. The first piece on their program, “Super 8!”, dealt with love, sensuality, and seduction via the examination of three different couples. Throughout this piece, the music and lighting played a key role in complementing the dancers’ movements and enhancing the overall experience. Additionally, the communication of body language between the dancers was visible to the audience and provided an authentic experience. PHILADANCO! also performed two other pieces titled “With(in)verse” and “La Valse” which were both raw and powerful. The choreography was astounding and perfected, leaving the audience members to murmur their awe during the brief intermission. Finally, they ended the performance with the finishing piece: “Enemy Behind the Gates.” This piece hardly allowed the dancers to catch their breath as they performed leaps and jumps to create ceaseless phases of movement.  PHILADANCO! provided entertainment for dance fanatics as well as those, like myself, who have not attended many dance performances in the past. Their ability to effectively convey different stories and passion made their performance truly one of a kind. 

-Rachel Johnston, Class of 2022 

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