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Performance Review: Allison Miller

Allison Miller and her band Boom Tic Boom presented In Our Veins: Rivers and Social Change on Friday, Jan. 24. The performance consisted of a wonderful live band, a tap dancer, and captivating projections to encompass what the program is all about. The visuals of the nearby waterways paired wonderfully with the changing rhythms of the music and evoked emotions from viewers. The audience was able to see and appreciate the rivers of the surrounding area. The passion for the project was seen by all members of the ensemble as they immersed themselves into the music. It was interesting to hear about how Allison’s love for jazz began when she was little and that it was only later in her life that she realized that this music is often utilized as a vehicle for social change. Allison combined her appreciation for this genre with the magic of nature to create this astounding and unique performance.
~Katherine Leschner, Class of 2023

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