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Performance Review: The Tamburitzans

The Tamburitzans brought Croatian, Georgian, Nordic, Russian, Serbian, Polish, Irish, and Bulgarian cultures to Lewisburg this past Friday. It was an incredible performance and included live musical instruments, singing, and dancing. Each piece was representative of a new culture. Through dance and music, the audience traveled through these intriguing countries around the world and got a taste of what the culture is like. There were larger dance pieces as well as smaller ones with less performers, which provided a nice variety. Additionally, there was always something new happening on stage. When one piece ended, the next one was already beginning so the audience was captivated and excited to see what would come next. Not only was the performance itself spectacular, but also the costumes the performers wore were beautifully intricate and representative of the cultures of the performance. This was one of my favorite performances to attend because I got to observe the enlivened traditions and values of these countries through song and dance.

~Katherine Leschner, Class of 2023

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