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Weis Center Sessions #41: Flora and the Gleaners, “Flatbush Waltz”

Each Friday, we release a video that features a member of the Bucknell University community.

This week, we are again featuring Flora and the Gleaners, which includes Flora Eyster-Newburgh on two silver flutes (Bass Flute in C and C Concert Flute), Mark Doncheski on acoustic guitar and Mary Hermann on acoustic upright bass. This time, they are performing the soothing and reflective tune, “Flatbush Waltz.”

Flora shared that nine members of her family attended Bucknell over the decades.

Flora worked at Bucknell for 9 years as the Biology Department Greenhouse Caretaker. She also worked for 2.5 years as the Native Plants and Classroom Garden Outreach Coordinator at the Bucknell Center for Sustainability and the Environment.

In the regional community, Flora managed two music agencies for talent and venue management for over 20 years. She has performed with her many bands across the US.

Eyster is a six-time recipient and administrator of PA Partners on the Arts Grant Awards.

Recorded at and produced by the Weis Center for the Performing Arts at Bucknell University.


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