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Performance Review: Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway

The Weis Center was abuzz last Friday as one of this year’s most anticipated performances took the stage: Grammy Award and International Bluegrass Music Award winner Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway.

Following a lively, acoustic opening set which earned The Wicked Chicken a standing ovation, Molly and her bandmates came out in cowboy hats and sparkles. A perfect combination to represent the rich, twangy, glittery fun of journey Molly took the Weis Center on that night. Featuring plucking guitar melodies so fast and complex, no one could fault you for forgetting there were human fingers controlling them and harmonies that were crisp and tight, it is no surprise that Crooked Tree, their most recent album, took home Album of the Year at the IBMA just the night before. And if their many critical accolades don’t convince you, the sound of 900 people clapping along filling the concert hall will most certainly assure you that Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway were a highlight of the 2023 season!

~Ana Eckert, Class of 2026

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