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Soweto Gospel Choir Performance Review

The Soweto Gospel Choir are a spectacle of pure joy. The South African gospel group preformed on Friday, November 30th for the biggest crowd we’ve seen this season – the audience peaking at around 700 people.

The Soweto Choir was preceded by the Eric Ian Farmer Trio. Eric, joined by Josh Troup on drums and Denise Strayer on accordion, played music inspired by percussive stylings of rock legend Bo Diddley.

For the first half of the show the choir “Songs of the Free,” a rousing program celebrating the centenary of the birth of the father of their Rainbow Nation, Nelson Mandela.  Following that, the performers shared international gospel classics and holiday favorites. Decked in extravagant color, the singers generated an atmosphere of pure exhilaration. By the end of the evening, every audience member was on their feet, clapping in rhythm to the music. The raw talent of each singer alone was incredible, but together they made a sound both uplifting and extraordinary.

As the final performance of the Fall 2018 semester, the Soweto Choir brought the house down with their astounding vocals, energetic dancing and vibrant costumes.

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