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Performance Review: Jazzmeia Horn

Jazzmeia Horn, jazz vocalist, shined on the Weis Center stage with her band this Thursday evening. Her energy was palpable and present in everything about her, from her vibrantly colored outfit to her wide vocal range and fast moving, upbeat tempo songs. The way she and her band members were able to interact with each other and the audience created a warm and intimate environment, in which the viewers were truly immersed in the performance. Horn’s songs were meaningful and inspired by her everyday life and experiences, such as searching for love and interacting with her active daughters. The passion for what she does is present on her face while performing and sealed with a smile at the end of every song. Her band members were equally as happy to be performing, and had many memorable moments during saxophone solos and trios between the piano, drums, and bass. Jazzmeia was also able harmonize vocally with the flute, producing an effortless, beautiful sound. Overall, this was a truly captivating performance.

-Katherine Leschner, Class of 2023

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