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Performance Review: The Amazing Max

On October 2nd, the seats in the Weis Center were filled to capacity (1200!) with elementary schoolers from Mifflinburg, Milton, Danville, Lewisburg, and Millville as well as homeschool families, to watch Max Darwin, better known by his nickname “The Amazing Max,” showcase his mesmerizing magic tricks. From start to finish, the energy in the room was infectious and the audience was on the edge of their seats, spellbound by the performance. 

Max’s ability to captivate the audience can be attested by the fact that nearly every hand shot into the air to participate when he asked for volunteers for his tricks. Even the youngest of audience members followed each and every one of his commands to be awarded the prize of a magic wand for assisting him. Max showcased his skill of working his audience demographic and knew exactly what to say so that the 1,200 elementary schoolers burst into laughter after each and every one of his jokes.

From a never ending stack of cards to a ring of one of the teachers appearing magically in a bag, the performance goers erupted in cheers after every trick and murmured their awe on how he was able to perform such magic.

Overall, this was a truly captivating performance that left kids smiling from ear to ear on their way out of the Weis Center.

~Rachel Johnston, Class of 2022

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