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Performance Review: Kat Edmonson

From Texas, to Brooklyn, to the Weis Center stage! Kat Edmonson, jazz vocalist with specialty in what she refers to as “vintage pop”, gave a truly captivating performance. As her recent album is titled, she truly is an “old fashioned gal”; her unique and romantic vocal style instantly places audience members into another time period. Kat conveyed to the audience and in several interviews that her main source of inspiration comes from 1930s and 40s movies such as Turner classic movies. These movies and personal life events such as breakups spark her spectacular songwriting method. Kat says she first hears her songs in her head with someone else’s voice singing them, as if they already exist. Sometimes she only hears one word or beat and builds off of that, adding her lighter, stylized vocal tone to make it her own. She applies this same stylization when performing cover songs. Edmonson will be releasing her fifth record in February, a project she is incredibly excited about. While watching her performance, it is evident that she loves what she does. Her passion paired with her beautiful, sophisticated sound made for a wonderful performance.

-Katherine Leschner, Class of 2023

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